Did you hear? Microsoft Dropped A Cloud Data Center In The Ocean

We recently stumbled across a terrific article from Swati Khandelwal (Full Article).  Please read some of the highlights below.


World’s First Underwater Data Center
Microsoft’s Project Natick — is an ongoing mission to build and run a data center in the ocean. Microsoft believes this could make data centers faster, more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easier to set up.
The initial test was last August-November, when the data center capsule was put 30 feet underwater in the Pacific Ocean.
What are the Benefits of an Underwater Data Center?
According to Microsoft:
1. Air conditioning cost is one of the biggest pain in running data centers.
Traditional data centers are believed to consume up to 3 percent of the world’s electricity.
The natural cooling of the ocean will cut energy costs required to cool  the racks upon racks of servers that process and store the world’s data.
2. Half of the world’s population is located within 200 kilometers of the coast
The closer we are to our data the faster it should be delivered.
3. Reduce the time to build a data center from 2 Years to 90 Days.
Aside from the faster up-time, the new data centers would feature new, innovative rack designs that do not even need to consider human interaction.
4. Use of Renewable Energy.
The project’s engineers even believe that in future, underwater data centers might be able to power themselves by renewable energy, as in this case, perhaps underwater turbines or tidal power to generate electricity.
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