Zero Day Attacks: What You Need to Know

Watch Guard

Protection from advanced malware and zero day threats

Businesses that rely on antivirus software alone are no longer protected against today’s attacks. Today’s attacks are so dangerous because they can turn into a code that will get past the signature-based antivirus undetected. Zero day viruses will not be detected by antivirus until its signature has been updated and by that time the virus is already on your computer.

How can we help protect your network against these attacks?

WatchGuard firewalls can be equipped with the UTM (Unified Threat Management package) and APT (Advanced Persistent Threat Protection) Blocker. This will arm your firewall with the following tools needed to help prevent these types of viruses and attacks on your network.

  • Packet Filtering
    • Filtering each packet that passes through your firewall
    • Securing all traffic that passes through each and every policy created on your firewall.
    • Provides the strongest encryption to secure connections from branch offices and mobile users that use the VPN tunnel.
    • Create security policies for users and groups with active directory integration.
    • Stop traffic from dangerous and unwanted source with the cloud-based reputation services.
  • Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS)
    • IPS will inspect and monitor network traffic and activities attempting to enter your network.
    • Continually updated signatures will provide you with real-time protection from spyware, SQL injections, and other malware from the internet.
    • Full control to block network, applications, and protocol-based attacks.
  • Application Control
    • Ability to control applications from launching on your network by category, application, or application sub-function.
    • Control over 1,800 web and business applications by category and application.
    • Granular control over social networking applications and their functions.
    • Ability to select, manage, and report on application usage by user, group, and time of day.
  • WebBlocker
    • Ability to control where your employees are allowed to go on your network.
    • Protecting them from places that they shouldn’t be.
    • Control to block URL category’s, by users, groups, and domains.
    • Can block website usage for certain times of the day.
    • Customize policies to create exceptions lists for mission-critical access
  • Gateway Antivirus
    • Updated signatures identify and block known spyware, viruses, Trojans, and blended threats.
    • Scan all major policy protocols, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TCP, SMTP, and Pop3.
    • Works with APT blocker to catch zero day attacks.
  • Reputation Enabled Defense
    • Faster browsing times and greater throughput at the gateway level.
    • Continuous updates keeping your firewall current with the dynamic web content and changing web conditions.
  • APT Blocker (Advanced, Persistent, Threats).
    • Advanced Protection
      • Takes over where AV protection leaves off, attacking the zero day threats, that there are no signatures for.
    • Dynamic Analysis
      • Full system emulations provide visibility into every command that malware executes.
    • Breadth of Coverage
      • Monitors and classifies observer behaviors in all Windows files, Microsoft Office, PDF, Zip files, and Android files.
    • Rapid Detection
      • Results are available in minutes.
      • No waiting for virus signatures to be updated
    • Unmatched Visibility
      • APT blocker reporting with WatchGuard Dimension, and including detailed reports showing what files are blocked and why.


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