3 ways to simplify your operations with Acumatica’s out-of-the-box functionality

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Acumatica provides exciting out-of-the-box functionality that will simplify your day-to-day operations. Our very own HOOPS Consultant, Jenni Grotte, wants to share a few favorites with you!

Universal Search Bar ​

The Universal Search Bar allows you to find exactly what you are looking for. Can’t remember where to locate a certain screen? Need to pull up a customer or vendor’s account quickly?  Start typing in the Universal Search bar and an overlay will appear with the top all-inclusive search results for screen titles, wiki’s, transactions, and other indexed objects in the core system.  Jenni says, “The speed at which you can find information is vital in an ERP solution.  Acumatica’s universal search bar is located at the top of the screen on every screen.  Locating the data I need, like specific transactions and accounts, is a breeze in Acumatica.” 

Generic Inquiries

A generic inquiry is an easy-to-use, web-based interface that provides the ability to pull data from the database and present it on a customizable form.  Generic inquiries are not just for reports – they can be used in dashboards, made available to BI tools, and offer drill-down capabilities for even more detailed analysis. You can also send emails directly from filtered views to customers, vendors, employees, and other contacts. According to Jenni, “The generic inquiry screens feel a lot like having excel built right into the system.  You can drag-and-drop columns, create Quick and Advanced filters, sort data like you are used to, and create pivot tables.  It’s a really powerful tool for data analytics.” 

Recurring Transactions and Automation Schedules​​

Recurring Transactions and Automation Schedules: Set up schedules so that transactions for a particular day or time period can be released automatically on a defined schedule.  Jenni shares, “This functionality is perfect for recurring bills, like rent and utilities.  It eliminates the manual process of data entry tasks and you can rest assured that the task is never missed.” 

As the fastest-growing provider of Cloud-based business management software, Acumatica also has the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating. Simply put, Acumatica is a major step up from QuickBooks and Sage. Contact us today to speak directly to Jenni and receive free demo 

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