Protection against today’s large number of evolving threats requires multiple services working together. WatchGuard Firewalls prevent, detect, and instantly respond to cyberattacks with enterprise-grade security, access to any organization, regardless of size.

Imagineering’s certified WatchGuard consultants aim to secure your applications and network while still providing your employees the freedom they need to do business. As businesses continue to deal with widespread attacks, WatchGuard firewalls work continuously to prevent them.



About Firewalls

A firewall is a network security device that separates your internal networks from external network threats, lowering the risk of an attack.

Firewalls use access policies to identify and filter different types of information from the Internet to a trusted network. They can also control which policies or ports the protected computers can use on the Internet.

Firewalls protect private networks from unauthorized users on the Internet. Traffic is examined by the firewall whenever it enters or leaves the protected networks. The firewall denies network traffic that does not match the security criteria or policies.


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