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Imagineering proudly offers Webroot Anti-Virus Software, named Best Anti-Virus for Small Size Businesses. Receive complete protection from viruses and identity theft for all your devices, without slowing your business down.

Built for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses

Many anti-virus and cybersecurity solutions for businesses are built for large enterprises. They can be complex and expensive, with massive resources to manage.

Webroot is different. Designed to be automated and easy to use, you don’t have to dedicate a large number of resources to cybersecurity alone. That’s part of how Webroot and Imagineering help businesses grow and thrive.

Full-Scale Anti-Virus Program at an Affordable Price

Webroot takes 20 seconds to check your computer for malicious malware – 60x faster than the average scan time of tested competitor anti-virus products. Webroot installs fast, scans fast, and benefits from a more robust threat library than other anti-virus options on the market.

Identity Theft Protection

Webroot protects your usernames, account numbers, and other personal information against keyloggers, spyware, and other online threats that target your valuable personal data.

Real-Time Anti-Phishing

Websites, emails, and other communications can be designed to look as if they come from reputable businesses in order to steal login credentials or implant malware on your device. Webroot enforces real-time anti-phishing to ensure your business does not fall victim to these attacks.

Webcam Protection

Whether it’s built-in hardware or an accessory, webcams can be especially vulnerable to cybercrime, giving hackers eyes and ears wherever you access your device. Internet security software such as Webroot is your safest bet against threats like malware hijacking your webcam.


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