4 Cybersecurity Focus Areas

Cybersecurity awareness is ultimately about managing human risks. Companies can go a long way by educating their employees about the importance of cybersecurity in these main areas.

Protect your devices.

It is vital to protect your internet-connected devices by keeping them updated with the latest security updates. You can do this by setting up automatic updates and by checking privacy and security settings. Remember to do this each time you sign up for a new account, download an app or acquire a new device.

Go passwordless.

Hackers don’t break in – they sign in. When passwords are needed, you can use your browser’s password generator to create stronger passwords or use your own lengthy (at least 12 characters) password. We recommend a password manager like Keeper to automatically create and keep track of your passwords.

Multifactor authentication is a must.

Multifactor authentication can protect 99.9% of the attacks by offering stronger security than relying solely on passwords. 

Don't get hooked by phishing.

Complacency can lead to clicking on a malicious link in an email, phone message, or social post. Avoid this by:

  1. Checking the sender’s email address for verifiable contact information. If in doubt for any reason, do not reply.
  2. Don’t click on links or open email attachments unless you have verified the sender.

A best practice we’ve seen is sending a welcome email to each new employee that provides practical information and resources about the company’s cybersecurity policies and training so they can start mitigating threats from day one.

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