Enhancing Your Cybersecurity with Huntress: What You Need to Know

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, staying ahead with the most effective security measures is not just an option—it’s a necessity. At Imagineering, we continually assess and update our cybersecurity solutions to ensure that your business is protected against the latest threats. This is why we are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our cybersecurity services with the introduction of Huntress.

Why the Change?

The decision to transition from Webroot to Huntress stems from our commitment to offering superior cybersecurity protection. As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, the need for more advanced defensive measures becomes crucial. Huntress provides a robust suite of managed cybersecurity solutions that are designed to tackle the complexities of modern cyber threats head-on.

Introducing Huntress:

Huntress is not just another cybersecurity provider. It is a powerful ally in the fight against cyber attackers, equipped with a 24/7 Security Operations Center. This fully managed service ensures constant vigilance over your digital environments, actively hunting and countering threats.

New Solutions from Huntress:

As part of our rollout, we are introducing two specific solutions from Huntress that will replace our current offerings through Webroot:

Huntress Managed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response):

This advanced endpoint security solution goes beyond traditional antivirus capabilities. It’s monitored around the clock by cybersecurity experts who provide rapid response to threats, significantly reducing the chance of a security breach. With a less than 1% false positive rate and actionable remediation steps, Huntress Managed EDR offers peace of mind and top-tier security.

Huntress MDR (Managed Detection and Response) for Microsoft 365:

Protect your Microsoft 365 environment from identity theft and account takeover attacks. This solution focuses on real-time monitoring and response to threats against your Microsoft 365 accounts, including suspicious login activities and unauthorized access attempts. This level of tailored protection is essential for safeguarding your business communications and data.

Benefits of Switching to Huntress:

-Proactive Defense: Huntress does not just wait for alerts but actively hunts for threats that traditional antivirus might miss.

-Expert Monitoring: Benefit from a dedicated team of security experts who monitor your systems 24/7.

-Enhanced Protection for Microsoft 365: Specialized defenses against common and sophisticated attacks targeting your business communications.

-Affordable Excellence: High-quality cybersecurity defenses at a cost-effective price point.


The switch to Huntress is a strategic move to enhance the cybersecurity posture of your business. Imagineering is committed to your security and success, and with Huntress, we are taking a significant step forward in providing you with a safer, more secure digital environment. We look forward to your continued trust and partnership as we roll out these new solutions.

For any questions or to discuss how this transition will be managed for your business, please reach out to our support team.

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