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Imagine IT: Indianhead Insurance Agency

One of the largest independent agencies in Northwestern Wisconsin, Indianhead Insurance is made up of 10 different locations across the state. Insuring both commercial and personal lines, Indianhead Insurance Agency works closely with businesses and homeowners alike.

Indianhead Insurance is in the business of protecting what matters most — your health, home, and business. In order to do that effectively and securely, it requires a partnership with a local IT company, Imagineering.

“We’re in the insurance business,” says Craig Jameson, Director of Commercial & Personal Lines. “We’re not IT specialists, but we know that IT is an important part of our business. We need to make sure that we’re able to communicate well among our offices, as well as to our clients and to our carriers that we work with. And we need to do it securely. Imagineering has been able to help with that.”

Imagineering has partnered with Indianhead throughout its impressive growth and expansion. From helping decide which type of computers to purchase for associates, to the larger picture items, such as how to access, share, and move files, Imagineering has also implemented ways to protect Indianhead’s business and customers’ data with firewalls and antivirus.

“With insurance, we’re all about relationships and customer service, making sure we provide a wonderful product,” said Jameson. “Our customers have high expectations, and when we work with Imagineering, we have those same expectations. We’re very much relationship-driven, so when we call Imagineering, I always know who I’m talking to. I can ask questions, and they’re going to give us honest feedback. We view Imagineering as trusted advisors that are a part of our team to make sure that our business is successful.”

As technology continues to evolve, Imagineering is able to educate and advise Indianhead Insurance on what’s needed to stay current and up-to-date with the latest technology and security measures. We are proud to partner with Indianhead Insurance, their 10 Wisconsin offices, and the communities they serve.

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