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We would like to remind our Microsoft Dynamics customers about refreshable reports with Excel, an amazing service that is available to you at no additional feature cost. Dynamics GP Excel refreshable reports are a valuable tool that will cut down repetitive tasks – allowing you to maximize your time and boost efficiency.  

What to Expect from Excel Refreshable Reports:

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One of the main benefits of Dynamics GP Excel refreshable reports is that they provide users with real-time data. This means that users can access the latest information from their Dynamics GP system without having to run a separate report. This can be especially helpful for businesses that need to make quick decisions based on current data. 

Another benefit of Dynamics GP Excel refreshable reports is that they are highly customizable. Users can choose which data they want to include in their report, and then format that data in a way that makes sense for their business. This ensures that reports are tailored to the needs of individual users or departments. 

Users can simply open the report in Microsoft Excel, and then manipulate the data as needed. Special training or knowledge of complex reporting tools is not necessary.  

The reports can also be accessed from within Dynamics GP. Simply navigate to the applicable module ‘HR & Payroll’ for example, select Excel Reports and you can view/open the Excel report without leaving your screen. 

Because the reports are automatically updated with real-time data, there is no need to manually enter data into spreadsheets or create new reports from scratch. This can save businesses a significant amount of time and effort. 

Since the reports are based on real-time data from the Dynamics GP system, there is less chance of errors or discrepancies. Businesses are able to make more informed decisions based on accurate data. 

Common Requests for Excel Refreshable Reports:

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An Excel refreshable report is a powerful tool that can bring a handful of benefits to businesses of all sizes. These reports are customizable, easy to use, reduce manual work, and improve accuracy. By working with HOOPS and leveraging these reports, your business can gain valuable insights into your operations, and make more informed decisions 

Interested in learning more or receiving access to these reports? Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your business to excel with refreshable reports!  

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