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The year 2020 has been anything but normal and has caused most of us to try to find a new normal. Due to the increase in social distancing practices and employees working remotely, you may be considering changing your office space — either downsizing your real estate footprint or moving completely to remote work.

Customers set up with managed IT and cloud services often see a seamless transition. With cloud services and Microsoft 365, you can securely access your network anywhere and anytime. Virtualizing your environment also reduces your upfront hardware costs and lowers your ongoing maintenance and energy costs.


While moving offices may pose a challenge for your present-day office technology and security practices, Imagineering is here to help you look for proactive and sustainable ways to do business for whatever the future holds. The following is a short list of considerations that should be taken into account when moving and securing your remote office(s).

Moving Network and Data Storage

When moving your internal network (wired or wireless) and data, consider the following:

  • Where is your data stored?
    • Is it in more than one place?
    • Is it accessible?
  • How do you connect to your office when working remotely?

Now may be the perfect time to consider cloud options and upgrades. Protect your infrastructure against data loss and disasters with proactive network monitoring, patch management, and desktop optimization performed on a regular basis.

Moving Conference Rooms

Whether you are moving your business, looking to become more efficient, or taking on additional remote work, Imagineering has the expertise to provide the right technology for your situation. Consider upgrading your audio and video hardware. You may also need to start supporting hybrid work environments with chat, conferencing, and video. Microsoft 365 applications, such as Teams, can be the perfect addition to your workflow.

Moving Phone Systems

Your phone system is another common entity that may require upgrades to integrate with the cloud or mobile devices. Imagineering can work with you to easily sync your mobile phones and tablets with your network and enjoy mobility while making your people and your business more efficient, effective, and secure.

End-User PC

Especially when there is an increase in employees working remotely, now may be the perfect time to review your security policies and applications. Our certified WatchGuard consultants can help your business secure your applications and network while still providing your employees the freedom and security they need to connect, communicate, and do business.

Going into Q4 of 2020, we hope that you and your business remain safe. As your team transitions into a new normal, either working remotely or returning to the office, chances are you will uncover a number of needs. Our team of consultants is ready to help you with any computer issues, wireless solutions, network security, and managed IT services whenever needed.


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