The ROI of Modern Cloud-Based ERP Solutions

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If you are leading a growing business, chances are you are laser-focused on the bottom line, ensuring your money is well spent. When it comes to the software you choose, it’s likely ROI is top-of-mind. HOOPS, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring you know the benefits of software before committing your business processes to them.

Upgrading to a modern cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from a legacy system is crucial if you want to grow your business. But such a significant investment should be researched and the ROI should be calculated.

How to Get a True Return on Investment (ROI) Calculation

A new ERP system can help reduce operating costs by increasing productivity, automating manual processes, and providing standard features that typically have to be purchased separately. The ROI of a new ERP includes both the savings acquired as well as the increased earning potential that a new ERP system can provide the organization.

Acumatica’s ERP ROI calculator can assist your organization in estimating this amount.

As a complete, modern solution for business needs, Acumatica’s Cloud ERP platform allows small- and medium-sized businesses to access their information anywhere at any time through an all-inclusive user-licensing model. This is the opposite of how legacy systems operate.

The ERP Return on Investment of Time and Money

Quantifying the benefits you receive on your new system includes a reduction in cost, improved opportunities, and even improved employee and customer satisfaction.

The cost reduction savings are easy to measure such as:

  • No upfront costs of hardware or user licensing
  • Reduced IT support & maintenance
  • Pay only for resources needed
  • Scalable resources

Some other ERP ROI benefits that are not so easily calculated can include:

  • Improved staff retention through ease-of-use and productivity
  • Effectively fixing errors in a timely and economical manner
  • Centralizing documentation online for constant availability of a single source of truth
  • Making faster decisions due to increased visibility

Find Your Possible ERP Return on Investment

Because we want companies to determine their possible ROI before they invest in an ERP system, we have a simple ERP ROI Calculator to explore your possible ERP ROI.

HOOPS, Inc. is proud to be an Acumatica Cloud ERP partner for small and mid-sized organizations. After you calculate the ROI of moving your business to the cloud, request a free demonstration.

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