When is the best time to replace hardware?

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Technology you can rely on is crucial for businesses today. The question of when to replace hardware is one we get asked frequently – and for good reason.

It’s a common scenario: the computers in your office work – for most things. Your printer still prints but jams occasionally. Your network provides internet for the whole building, but it’s been slow lately and is definitely not as secure as it could be. It seems your hardware is up to the task for most day-to-day operations. But what about those times when it isn’t?

Are you prepared for hardware failure?

Hardware failure can grind productivity to a halt, making it difficult to meet deadlines and causing frustration among employees. In old equipment, worn-out moving parts, dust, and other problems can go unnoticed and make hardware vulnerable to failure.

How much is upkeep on old hardware costing you?

New computers, servers, and network equipment are an investment of time and money. Buying these things can be expensive and so can training your employees to use it. The cost of replacing these devices is an important consideration, but make sure you are also considering the cost of upkeep and loss of productivity on the old hardware. Older devices are more prone to problems and more difficult to diagnose and fix.

So, how often should hardware be replaced?

Having to replace all the computers in your company is a scary thought. Microsoft claims that the average age of a PC is 4.4 years, and many experts consider 5 years to be a machine’s maximum life span. The main concern with computers around this age is aging hardware (computers may begin to run more slowly, become more bogged down with files, etc.) However, a problem that many older computers often run into is the inability to support the newer operating systems.

Every computer has a set lifespan, and no piece of technology can run forever. Instead of waiting for the technology to fail before you replace it, set up a strategic replacement schedule. We recommend replacing workstations every 3 years and servers every 7 years.

Imagineering can help get your company on a schedule that makes sense for your business’s productivity and budget.

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