Why Outsourcing Patch Management is Essential to Business Operations

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Nearly 60% of data breaches in the past two years can be traced back to a missing operating system patch or application patch, researchers from Automox report.

When the “Updates Available” pop-up appears in the corner of your computer screen, do you install the updates right away, or do you push it off until the next day? Do you ignore the updates for months at a time leaving yourself vulnerable to cyber-attacks?

Although it may disrupt your working environment in the short term, installing updates, or patch management, is the first step in securing your working environment for the long term.

Benefits of Patch Management

Many IT security experts believe the most important way to prevent a data breach is patch management — the process of applying updates to your computers and software programs. This ensures your software and systems are fully functional and secure. Common areas that need patches include operating systems, applications, and embedded systems (such as network equipment).

Poor patch management can be linked to downtime and disruption, both of which can be costly and will continue to escalate as businesses support remote staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nearly 60% of data breaches in the past two years can be traced back to a missing operating system patch or application patch, says researchers from an Automox report.

Outsourcing Patch Management as a Service

Business owners want to keep their business as secure as possible, but IT staff may be stretched thin or it may not be financially viable for many companies. With so many security patches released each year, the time it will take you or your IT department to apply each patch on each machine can add up. That time can be better spent planning and executing company strategic initiatives that will help your business grow.

When you work with a Managed Services Provider (MSP), patches will be automatically applied. For only a few dollars per machine per month, you won’t have any downtime on your computers, and you won’t lose any staff productivity. Your team can then spend more time focusing on business operations that can help grow your organization.

Utilizing patch management as a service, you will receive monthly reports that detail which software patches were applied to your devices, the dates and changes made in your environment. The monthly reports will also outline the performance of certain items, like when your internet was slow or down, or which were your most visited websites.

Whether you have an in-house IT department in need of additional support, or you’re looking for an IT partner to get your technology goals off the ground, Imagineering in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, can help.

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