Data Privacy – What It Is and Why It’s Important!

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Whether you realize it or not, every time you use the internet, an app, or a digital platform, you are providing and generating data.  

Data Privacy Day is recognized on January 28th every year. It exists to help spread awareness and educate people about the need for online privacy and security. Let’s join Imagineering IT Consultant, Miranda Bielecki, and find out the ways in which we can secure our personal data this year!  

What is Data Privacy and Why is it Important?


It’s important to understand that you cannot keep all your data completely private from everyone. However, you should know your data privacy rights and when you can make the choice to only share your data when you feel it’s appropriate. You may want to think twice about giving websites, apps, and services total access to your information.  

Is data privacy the same as cybersecurity?

It’s true, data privacy and cybersecurity go hand in hand, but they are in different fields. Data privacy has to do with rules, guidelines, and your personal choices about who has access to your data, as well as how much access they have. Cybersecurity focuses on preventing and solving threats like hacking, malware, and phishing scams.

How can I manage my data privacy?

Keep It Private -

Be sure to make informed decisions about who to share your data with. Many apps or services out there have default settings that allow access to information that is not required or relevant to what they provide. Only provide the information that is absolutely necessary 

Remember to also think twice before posting information online that could be used for social engineering or password cracking. Meaning information that can be easily discovered from a “harmless” Facebook post. This includes items like kids names/birthdays, pet names, or mother’s maiden names. 

Manage Your Privacy Settings -

When you set up a new account on a website or app, check the privacy and security settings. Every device, app, and browser out there will have different settings for information sharing. This resource provided by the National Cybersecurity Alliance will help you Manage Your Privacy Settings and check the settings for social media accounts, online stores, apps, and more.  

Increase Your Security -

When you keep your accounts secure, you keep your information private. One way to do that is to use a password manager. A password manager will allow you to store long, unique passwords and easily access them wherever you are. Imagineering is proud to be a Keeper Security partner to help you easily manage and audit all of your passwords from one central location. 

Miranda says, “In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to have unique and strong passwords for every account you have on different websites and applications. That is why I recommend and personally use a password manager inside and outside of work. Without one, I wouldn’t have good password hygiene.” 

Another way to secure your accounts is by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA), especially on accounts with sensitive information. MFA ensures that you are the only person gaining access to your accounts and information. Miranda also recommends using MFA as an easy way to make your accounts more secure.  “Although it is one extra step to get logged in, it’s worth it! Wouldn’t you rather take a few extra seconds to verify your login instead of potentially losing important, critical data that could really cost you and your business? 

Next Steps...

Data privacy is everyone’s concern and responsibility every day, not just on January 28th. It is up to you to keep your information as safe as possible! At Imagineering, we encourage everyone to understand the value of their data and educate themselves on how to keep their data private. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more. We are happy to connect with you!   

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