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We all sign into dozens of online accounts each day. You may think that your username and password are strong enough to keep you and your information secure, but sadly, that is not the case. By using multifactor authentication, we can add a layer of protection in the fight against cyber threats. 

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

MFA is a verification method that requires multiple authentication factors to gain access to a website, network, or application. MFA creates a layered defense that will make it more difficult for unauthorized or unwanted individuals to gain access to your accounts and information.  

Multi-factor authentication is a way for you to confirm your identity when signing in anywhere. The three most common kinds of factors are: 

  • Something you know (a password or pin) 
  • Something you have (physical object- key, chip, smartphone) 
  • Something you are (fingerprint or facial recognition) 

How can you use MFA to protect yourself and your business?

Using MFA is an easy way to keep your accounts, devices, apps, and information secure. Engineers at Microsoft have said that nearly 99.9% of all compromised account incidents could have been avoided with a multi-factor authentication solution. We recommend downloading the Microsoft or Google Authenticator app to your mobile device. The app allows you to verify your identity quickly and securely as you sign into your accounts.  

Once you open the Microsoft Authenticator app, it displays a unique 6-digit number code. This is what you will type in when prompted on the site you are logging into. You can rest easy knowing each site will have a different code that changes every 30 seconds. This extra layer of protection is required to gain access to your sites and information. Cybercriminals might be able to hack your username or password, but they will be stuck when they get prompted for that 6-digit code! 

Are you ready to ensure a safer, more secure experience for your business’s everyday production? Imagineering will soon require MFA for all Microsoft 365 customers. It’s time to start using MFA today! Give us a call or contact us for further details or assistance! 

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