Is Your Technology Working For Everyone On Your Team? 

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Is Your Technology Working For Everyone?

It’s true. Every business, department, and employee will have their own technology pain points. These are usually seen as small issues that people just tend to work around but could be causing your business a loss in productivity and performance. Once you identify your team’s pain points, you can eliminate these issues with proper hardware and software! 

Do You Know Where Your Technology Could Improve?

Find out where your employees’ biggest pain points are to gain a better understanding of where improvements can be made. Some questions you may want to consider as you think about consistency are: 

  • Is one department getting more funding than another when it comes to technology?  
  • Are files stored in several different locations instead of one central location? 
  • How are programs accessed when onsite versus when remote? 
  • Is data being secured the same way remotely as it is onsite? 

Can Your Employees Successfully Work Remotely?

Collaboration can make a workplace more productive. Successfully collaborating from any location is something every business should strive to provide. When your team can connect virtually, data flow becomes easier while also being more accurate, secure, and accessible. Imagineering can help you get a secure and efficient system in place for your team to thrive while working remotely. 

How Is Your Performance?

Do you have old hardware, new hardware, or a mixture of both in your office? Hardware is any physical technology product – that includes desktop and laptop computers, servers, and printers.   

Not only is outdated hardware a security issue, but it could also be a contributing factor to slow computers. Slow computers make an impact on performance and overall productivity. These days employees use a number of programs at one time to get their work done. They need a workstation to run as fast as the world works. If it doesn’t, people can become distracted, discouraged, and disorganized.  

Every computer has a set lifespan, no piece of technology can run forever. Instead of waiting for the technology to fail before you replace it, set up a strategic replacement schedule. Hardware asset management can help you plan out what that replacement schedule looks like. Imagineering can help get your company on a schedule using the hardware asset management lifecycle that makes sense for your business’s productivity and budget.   

Next Steps...

There are a number of small technology items that can cause decreased productivity and frustration in your day-to-day processes. A possible solution for your business could be maximizing your Managed IT Services. When you choose Imagineering as a Managed IT partner, we will work with you to ensure your technology is working for everyone on your team.

Maybe you are wondering if Managed IT Services are right for your business. Take our FREE survey to find out how your business will benefit from working with Imagineering. 

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