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Phishing is a form of social engineering where attackers attempt to acquire sensitive information through deception. Attacks like these can be brought upon any employee in any industry, however, today we are focusing on one area in particular, the financial industry.  

Types of Attacks

The financial services industry is an attractive target to cybercriminals because of the valuable customer information they possess. Recent reports show that the financial industry as a target has increased by 72% in one year. 

Below are the percentage of specific attack types that targeted the financial industry: 

Payroll Fraud Attacks
Invoice Fraud Attacks
Payment Fraud Attacks

Watch Your Inbox

Almost a quarter of all financial fraud attacks successfully bypassed native email security controls. Meaning that 1 in 5 email-based attacks made their way into the inbox of employees without any blockade.  

Add a layer of defense to your fight when all of your employees are properly trained and educated with security awareness training. It is time to prepare your team to identify phishing and fraudulent threats before they do actual damage to your company. 

Next Steps

Imagineering is a proud KnowBe4 partner. KnowBe4 provides a great solution for learning the ins and outs of spotting fake and suspicious emails. With a large library of content to train your users, KnowBe4 allows you to send out simulated phishing emails to your organization and see who the happy clickers are that may need more training.   

Contact us today to set up end-user training for your team! 

Next-Level Cybersecurity for Your Business

What is Endpoint Detection and Response? This is a technology platform that detects and investigates threats on endpoints. It helps security teams find suspicious endpoint activity to eliminate threats quickly and minimize the impact of an attack.

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