Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Data 

On Data Privacy Day

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How to Protect Your Data on Data Privacy Day

Everything we do online generates data. And although we may know our data is being recorded somehow, it is easy to feel a lack of control over what information gets collected.

Data Privacy Day started for that exact reason — to help spread awareness and education about online privacy and security. There are things you can do to learn about the types of data you generate online, as well as how it is collected, shared, and used.

The National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) has promoted and encouraged the following recommendations to manage your data privacy:

Keep It Private

It is important to make informed decisions about who to share your data with — whether it be people or businesses. Many apps or services include default settings that allow access to information that is not required or relevant for what they are providing.

Additionally, it is important to think twice before posting public information on your website or social media pages that could be used for social engineering or password cracking. Things like pet names or mother’s maiden names can be easily discovered from a public Facebook post.

Manage Your Privacy Settings

Once it comes time to set up a new account on a website or app, check the privacy and security settings. Each device, application, and browser you use will have different settings for information sharing. Luckily, the NCA has created a page to help Manage Your Privacy Settings and check the settings of social media accounts, stores, apps, and more.

Increase Your Security

Privacy and security go hand in hand. When you keep your accounts secure, you keep your private information private. One way to do this is to use a password manager. Password managers allow you to store long, unique passwords and access them wherever you are.

Cybersecurity starts with password security

Another layer of security includes enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) wherever possible, especially on accounts with sensitive information. This ensures the only person that will be able to access your information is you.

Multi Factor Authentication

Additionally, it is good practice to delete unused apps on your phone and laptop. The ones you keep should be secured by performing regular updates so hackers can’t find a back-way in.

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with data privacy, and companies are realizing this and responding. We encourage everyone to understand the value of their data and educate themselves on how to keep their data private.

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