Top 5 Reasons to Choose Acumatica over Microsoft Dynamics 365

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Acumatica over Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

For years, Microsoft Dynamics has served customers well. But, many are now wondering, “What’s Next For GP?” The good news is that HOOPS is here to help break down some of the confusion.

Microsoft’s goal is to move legacy Dynamics GP customers to Dynamics 365 Business Central — a Cloud ERP application. But the question is, should your business make the switch?

HOOPS has evaluated many Cloud ERP applications to determine the best fit for our customers, now and in the future. After careful evaluation, Acumatica stands out as the superior Cloud ERP for small and midsize businesses.

Here are the top 5 reasons to select Acumatica over Microsoft Dynamics 365:

1. Unlimited Users

Acumatica offers unlimited users AND companies at no additional cost. Microsoft charges per user, limiting access to stakeholders and inhibiting growth for your business.

Because pricing for Acumatica is based on the number of resources you use and not the number of users you have, you can give access to your entire team. This leads to increased collaboration and productivity without an additional cost.

2. Integrated Applications

Many of the applications Microsoft advertises for Dynamics 365 only work for AX. For example, Retail, Field Service, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Human Resources do not work natively with Business Central, only Dynamics AX.

With Acumatica, everyone works with the same information across your integrated ERP including CRM, Financials, Customer Portal, and more.

3. One Solution for Life

Acumatica gives users one consistent interface, from the web to your mobile device. Microsoft maintains competing ERP products, including multiple versions of Dynamics 365. Significantly harming the user experience. al.

4. Customer-Friendly Business Practices

Acumatica believes that customers deserve a better Cloud ERP business experience. That’s why they have created a Customer Bill of Rights, including the right to:

  1. A readily comprehensible and not frequently modified SaaS end-user license agreement (EULA)
  2. A flexible, open platform for rapid integrations
  3. Consumption-based licensing that does not inhibit business growth
  4. Sustainable pricing with annual increases of no more than 3%
  5. ERP implementations without hidden fees
  6. Deployment flexibility
  7. Ownership of and access to THEIR data, anytime
  8. Consistent, 24/7 customer service
  9. Local business expertise
  10. Dual layers of support

Another example is Acumatica’s unique pricing structure, which includes only paying for the resources you need. Acumatica scales with performance under high volume and allows you to add or remove resources at any time. Customers should not have to lose sleep over additional costs limiting their growth.

5. Migration

Unfortunately, there is no easy migration path to Business Central for existing Microsoft Dynamics customers, and a complete redeployment is required. Microsoft currently has no plans for true-cloud versions of GP or SL — in order to upgrade to a Cloud business model, users must move to Business Central without a clear migration path.

Acumatica is currently the only vendor that offers both public and private cloud deployments, which can be switched as needs change. Data ownership? It’s your data, and you can access it at any time. ERP implementations? They’re handled by HOOPS without hidden fees.

Acumatica is the fastest-growing provider of cloud-based business management software, with the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating. With a flexible and future-proof platform, Acumatica and HOOPS provide the right Cloud-based ERP solution for your business.

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This is a live recording from the webinar that took place on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

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