Current Technology is Key to Employee Retention

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Current Technology is Key to Employee Retention

Advances in technology over the past decade have led to a shift in everyday expectations. We are used to fast internet speeds, high-performance computers, and finding the information we need with the swipe of a finger. Current technology is key to employee retention. Businesses that are unable to deliver the tools their employees need to do their jobs will find that faulty technology can lead to high employee turnover. 

Unreliable connections, lack of cybersecurity, and slow computers can become huge issues for team members – causing a decrease in productivity and an increase in frustration. Problems like these can pile up and bring employees to make a move.  

Ways to Increase Employee Retention with Technology​

Make The Investment Now

Whether it’s employee retention or decreased productivity, not investing in proper technology will cost your business in the long run. It is wise to invest in technology that will complement employee skill sets and allow for effective collaboration. 

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Provide Secure Collaboration

Remote work is here to stay. It is important to take the necessary steps to equip your team with the ability to securely work off-site. Providing your team with a space where they can easily communicate and edit documents at the same time will increase overall productivity and satisfaction.  

Prioritize Up-to-Date Hardware

It can be expensive to update all of the hardware at once. However, it’s time to stop holding onto your machines as long as possible. Instead, your business should get on a replacement schedule that makes sense for your production and budget. We recommend replacing workstations every 3 years and budgeting to replace a few each year.   

How Managed IT Can Help

IT consultants can assist with patch management, performance monitoring, backups, and consistent software updating. When working with a managed IT service provider your business will have uptodate technology that will keep the entire team happy.  

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Next Steps

Technology that supports employees is crucial to keeping the best talent. Imagineering’s managed IT services and strategic consultants can help your business maintain an efficient work environment for all.  

Connect with our team today to learn more and receive the technology support you’ve been looking for!  

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