Passwords Need More Than a Policy

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Compromised credentials are an ongoing problem for businesses, appearing in more than 60% of data breaches. Training users to become security-aware, setting up multi-factor authentication, and creating a password management policy can significantly reduce your risk.

Password Policies

Internal protection for your business starts with creating a robust password policy. If you do not have a password policy in place, this increases the risk of your business being compromised.

A common practice of incorrect password management is using the same password for multiple accounts. Utilizing a password manager allows your business to enforce a password policy with one password to remember. The password keeper securely organizes all of your robust passwords in one place with the ability to access them on multiple devices. This will help protect your business from password-related data breaches and cybersecurity threats.

Make sure to review the following best practices for good password hygiene: 

1. Use Strong Passwords

As websites are encouraging stronger passwords, you should be as well. Longer, more complex passwords with a combination of alphanumeric characters are harder for hackers to guess. Additionally, a lengthy list of easy-to-remember words or phrases could actually be more secure than a shorter list of random characters, and they are easier for users to remember.

2. Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a verification method that requires two or more authentication factors to gain access to a website, network, or application. By setting this up, you are requiring your users to use an additional method of verification beyond just a password. This ensures security for your business in case a hacker steals a password. Although the hackers have the password, they will not have access to the additional verification methods, such as an email, pin number, or fingerprint.

3. Use Different Passwords for Work/Personal Accounts

Recently, a resurfaced Facebook data leak reminded us why it is important to use different passwords for work and personal accounts. While the majority of Facebook accounts are for personal use, the data leaked could lead to guessed passwords on work accounts, exposing your company’s data.

Start your business off strong by protecting it internally with a robust password policy. Once your password policy is in place, ensure all users practice good password hygiene and are changing passwords often. Password managers are a good way to ensure your password standards are met, without having to remember multiple passwords for different accounts.

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