Top 7 Questions to Ask Your IT Service Provider

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There are many strategies and practices that will help protect your business from cyber threats and increase overall productivity. As you consider if your IT service provider is fulfilling your needs, be sure to ask these 7 important questions.

1. Do we have a backup and disaster recovery strategy?

Having a backup plan in place will guarantee the continuity of your business in the case of an attack or natural disaster (fire, water, or ransomware). Ask yourself the following questions: Where are our backups? What is being backed up and how often? How long can our business afford to be without technology and data if disaster occurs, or my network is down? 

2. When was the last time the computers were updated?

The best way to prevent a data breach is with patch management – the process of applying updates to your computers and software programs. This should be done automatically. 

When you work with a Managed Services Provider (MSP), patches will be automatically applied which ensures your software and systems are fully functional and secure. 

3. What antivirus protection are we using?

It is crucial to choose an antivirus that will protect your business from new and evolving viruses. Ask your IT service provider if your antivirus protection is up-to-date and is still the right fit for your company.  

4. Have we taken inventory of our hardware?

Records of purchase dates, warranty expirations, and updates should be kept and readily available. It is powerful information to have with employee turnover or if your network is attacked.  

Setting up a strategic replacement schedule is key to staying ahead of unnecessary hardware costs.  

5. What can we put in place to increase productivity and security?

Moving to Microsoft 365 for email, getting new hardware, and implementing automatic updates will improve your team’s productivity.  

By using a password manager your employees will be better protected from breaches and cyber threats. Further layers of protection include top-rated firewalls and phishing training for all users.   

6. What is our technology road map?

Technology costs and anticipated project timelines should be provided upfront. Examples of costs and projects include server replacement, moving email from on-premises to the cloud, and transitioning your business fully to the cloud.  

7. Is the IT support we receive local or remote?

Experience IT Services that extend beyond a helpdesk. Our team of consultants works one-on-one with our customers to provide the services they need when they need them. Whether it’s remote or on-site, our consultants are with you every step of the way. 

Next Steps

In today’s digital age, our businesses rely so heavily on technology that we must invest in quality support and services that meet our expectations.  

At Imagineering, we offer personalized technology consulting for local businesses. If you or someone you know is dissatisfied with their IT support for their business, reach out to Imagineering for a free consultation.  

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